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The Second Coming: A Warning Dream to the Luke Warm Christian (Me)

(Documented in email on 12/11/13 and occurred between 11/1 – 11/30/13)

The dream started off outside (midday) with my mom and my sister. To preface, these rapture dreams always start off during the day and usually transform to night (but still being within daylight hours). We were walking on a stretch of walkway that cut through the sand on the beach near the ocean, with the walkway leading into a gazebo.
As we were approaching the gazebo, I looked up at the sky and immediately the day turned to night and I watched the moon (always a super full moon) physically move into another object, which at this moment I can’t recall what that was.
As that happened, I hear what I can only describe as a super loud cruise liner ship horn accompanied with low-note strings that rattled your whole body and as loud as if it was right next to you. (I’ve search the internet for hours trying to find a horn or sound that recreates what I hear. The best two examples I have been able to find are:

1. The movie Legion (oddly enough about end times) sound starts at 0:11 and continues throughout the clip.( )

2. Paul Begley had a friend compile what people called “supernatural sounds” taken from around the world and put into a music session, formatted in a structure. – sound starts at 7:24 and again at 7:40 ( )

The interesting thing about this ship horn sound is that I hear the same sound in every one of these rapture dreams I have, going all the way back to a child. The two examples above are near perfect to what I hear. It scares me in my dream and an overwhelming sense of fear comes over me. The sound was so loud that you knew with absolute certainly you were witnessing Godly activity in the heavens and the second coming. In my other dreams, I can physically see a bright, centered light in the middle of the sky with flickers of light that gravitate to it in herds. With this dream, once I started to look at the light, my scene changed. I was then underground in what could best be described as a subway – one you would see in NY with the old school tile on the walls.

On either side of the track, there were multitudes lined up against the walls as if it was some sort of bomb shelter. On my side of the tracks, I recall walking down what looks like a handicap slope you would see in the mall with a massive flat screen tv on the wall to my right.. As I had passed the screen with onlookers intently watching, I somehow knew in my dream they were watching the rapture and the effects of it. The odd thing though is that in this new scene of my dream, the rapture hadn’t yet happened. Then my dream scene changed again. I was then transported to the Great Wall of China only for a second and on the ground leaning up against the wall.

I looked around me and I was surrounded by Asians – no other ethnicity. In my other rapture dreams, I had also been surrounded by Asians at various points so in this dream, I recognized that I had seen this ethnicity before and once I recognized that, my scene changed again. I was transported back into the subway and everyone was still glued to the tv only this time, I knew there was a big event that was being watched. As I approached the tv on the wall, it was flicking in and out as if you were on an old tube-dial tv from the 60’s trying to change channels but not getting reception. In my dream, I knew that because of what was happening on the surface, it was affecting the reception of the tv going in and out. We were able to make out bits and clips as it came in and out of focus.

As I finally reached the tv and stared intently, it flashed an emergency news broadcast message with the hum of a flat-line sound behind it. It then shows a camera man in pursuit of a beat up truck or SUV which looked like a desert type area. (Lots of sand and wind as if they were having a wind storm in the midst.) As this camera man is running, there is a female news reporter running ahead of him, both trying to chase this SUV. In my dream, it reminded me of the Bin Laden hunt and I knew this was a crucial moment for the world. She reported that we had already assassinated the VP of Syria and we were almost about to capture the president of Syria – who is the current Syrian leader today. I don’t know how I knew Syria had a VP but for whatever reason, it was specific in this instance.

The SUV was able to get away and drove through what looked like a fort – similar to The Alamo but a little more updated - modern.  It was older but kept up and it had a long, main wall in front of it with many guards standing at its top watching over. Still watching this unfold on the tv, the reporter and camera man stop and just filmed this fort from a distance. I cant recall in too much detail this next part but I remember thinking to myself in this dream, they are going to send a SWAT team in like they did with Bin Laden and wipe him out. I can recall seeing a government (which in my dream I assumed was ours) send their best, most skilled “assassin” jump in a helicopter to kill this president of Syria. Within a matter of seconds, The screen goes to fuzz and I saw in my mind an image of an atom bomb exploding and watching the mushroom cloud rise.

Although I didn’t see it on the tv, I knew they killed the president by dropping a nuke on him. Immediately after thinking of this, I knew with certainty that president Obama was behind it and began to migrate through the crowds of people who were hovered near this tv. Then I heard the same horn blowing again as in the beginning of my dream and knew the second coming was happening.
Then the scene changed again. I was then in a place I didn’t recognize nor could describe with detail. I don’t recall seeing walls or my surroundings, just lines of people waiting for something.
I also knew that I was dead and the other people I saw were dead also. At the helm of these lines was a middle aged woman – mid to late 50’s. She was like a 2nd grade teacher instructing her students to come forward and get in groups of two. When I approached the front of this line, she was standing behind a podium with two platforms behind here. There was a single line to her left and also another to her right. I happened to be in the right lane. When I was at the front of the line, she told us that we were in fact dead and awaiting God’s judgment – what the lines were for) She instructed us that we have to go up and see him in groups of two and in order to do that, we had to stand on this platform behind her and await to be ascended.

It was like an elevator although you were beamed up (like in Star trek). I remember being nervous and thinking to myself, have I done all I could have done and with God be pleased with me? Something didn’t feel right in this situation though. I didn’t trust this lady and didn’t know why. I just felt uneasy about how these lines were being handled almost like a red flag. Oddly enough, I was paired with an old friend from my youth days, Jeremy T.. I haven’t seen Jeremy since I was 16-17 (and now 31) and haven’t really thought about him but a few times over the past several years. When stepping up on this platform, I looked at these spots where we were supposed to stand and they were a bright, illuminated red which flickered translucent at times. I got worried that if I tried to step on it, I would fall straight through and then expressed my concern to the women behind this podium. She assured me there was nothing to worry about and it was completely safe. As we both stood on each side of her on these spots to be beamed up, she began a countdown. I felt the nervousness like waiting for a roller coaster to shoot through the air at 70 miles an hour once you first sit in. She deceived us though. When she got to two instead of three, the floor dropped and instead of ascending to God for judgment, we were falling into what I knew as hell’s bottomless pit. 
It was complete darkness except a glimmer of light that shown on the insides of what I thought was the grand canyon Falling in this canyon, I remember being afraid to hit the side of the walls at any moment. The small amount of light showed the edges of the canyon as we were falling and in that light, I was able to see Jeremy fall above me as he too was grasping for the sky. In that moment, I knew this lady was trying to send us to hell and I remember having an out of body experience then - in a birds eye view - looking on to me and Jeremy falling asking God” God, im one of your chosen and I completely believe in you and your word. Why am I falling in this abyss and not by your side in Heaven?” My scene then changed again This was the last scene of my dream and I was transported to a grassy knoll area looking at a long, brick wall that had a small green hill in front of it.
Analyzing my surroundings, I knew I was in the Middle East but couldn’t pinpoint exactly where. It felt like Israel though in the dream. After seeing this brick wall – which looked like the back of a large building, I noticed that the hill and wall were separated from me by a 6 foot wide, 6 foot deep water drain of some sort that channeled like a river in between me and the wall. So there was the wall and hill, this drain ditch, and then about 50-100 feet of grassland until where I stood. I then had a crowd around me and we all started to look up at heaven. We see this light and group of people (out of focus) start to descend from heaven, getting more in focus as then descended. It was very reminiscent of Star Trek and how people where beamed up to the ship. As they floated to the bottom, it appeared to be a group of 12-13 people with the middle one completely in all white and I knew that was Jesus and his disciples. I did find it interesting in my dream that there were two women to the far right of the group with him. When they finally touched land, they all became real and floated/hovered right over that 6 foot ditch and continued walking past the crowd I was with.

In that moment, I recall shouting to Jesus. He and his disciples stopped and he turned around and approached me and I ran toward him. Now, in all my rapture dreams, I have never had a personal encounter with Jesus. I have always seen the rapture as this massive light in the sky but never witnessed his personal being. When he approached me he said nothing and I said nothing. He hugged me and I sobbed and sobbed as if I just lost my child or my wife.
I laid my head on his right shoulder and just cried what appeared to be for 30 seconds or more. I remember thinking in my dream, should I let go first or should he once im done crying. I let go first in the dream but he didn’t and continued to hug me even when I started to pull away slightly. I found that very significant once I woke up. Once I had let go and he finally stopped hugging me, he still said nothing but just smiled and then continued on walking with his disciples. As they were walking and the rest of my crowd was following them, I got the overwhelming sense of pride and excitement knowing that he was on the way to go destroy the antichrist and Satan. I happily followed along with the rest of the crowd proud to be a part of this momentous occasion. The last image I remember seeing as we followed him was a stone wall with a door opening in it. The odd thing though is that they weren’t heading for the door way, they were walking directly to the wall as if they were going to walk through it. I then woke up. I lay in bed for several minutes thinking to myself, this dream was different from any other dream I have had in the past. The fact that I was not only able to see Jesus but also touch and hug hum had huge significance to me. After I recalled all of the details of the dream, playing it back in my mind, I told my wife who was in awe. I knew what some of the dream meant, at least in my walk. Him hugging me and not letting go had a lot of significance regarding my walk. I knew that no matter if I pulled away, he was still right there, not letting go. I also got the sense of urgency surrounding our current world events and a heads up that we may have only but a few literal years before we start to see everything unfold. That dream is what reinforced my decision to follow Christ with my whole heart and not be a lukewarm Christian I had been all of my life. I felt Christ’s unconditional love in that dream and I woke up with a heavy heart knowing I had not walked the walk he called me to and needed a change with time running out. Never has a dream been more impacting and it not only changed my life with God but it changed my wife’s as well. I personally became more aware of things around me and how precious life it. To always be thankful for what we have and realize that God hasn’t promised us to tomorrow. I walk with my head held high now and strong in my faith because Jesus impacted my life in one of the most personal ways though a dream. By a simple, loving hug – not letting go, and with a smile knowing he will always be there.

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