Thursday, August 31, 2017

Time Is Up (Part 5 - End-Times Activation and Operation)


I never meant this blog part to exist and it was supposed to be the last one regarding all fulfilled and in-progress prophecy. God had other plans though and you will see the meaning as you read each thing that happened.  Only read this if you are really interested in how I was activated and how God speaks to me and others. Its an EXTREMELY long blog but very detailed with examples of each thing that happened from the moment I woke up until I went to bed and how it ends with the Hurricane Harvey situation. Look at it as more of a step-by-step guide to hearing God and how He pieces together parts to form one big picture (at the end). Also, these screenshots may be hard to read on your phone so turn your phone sideways - and click on each picture - if you cant read it.

Here is what happened:
Since I woke up this morning, God has done nothing but download into me - all day long (August 28th). Revelation after revelation after revelation. Honestly, i'm extremely overwhelmed in my thoughts right now and not even sure where to start because I've got information overload.  This entire blog series started with a word I received back in the middle of last year and the transcript is below. On each of these words or dreams, I will post a screenshot of the word followed by the transcript of it:

Jonathan's Word (5-17-16) - Planting Seeds



The Lord showed me a picture of you, and you are standing there, and its like you are spreading seed all around you.  

This is a planting time.  As you speak, it is His Word that is being planted and watered the ground, and all of it will begin to sprout and grow around you, and it creates a strength factory for you. "I'm going to honor you and your words.  I want you to go through the process of continuance and to plant the seeds as you go along which is what I have you doing at this particular moment." He is going to have you walk through the streets literally, almost, everybody that you come in contact with, you are planing a small seed around them. Its not your responsibility to water it. "I need you to just plant the seeds, and every one of them will take root and begin to grow." And the Lord wants you to know that He will honor you in all that you do with that. 

We are seeing people all over the world being activated in prophecy, getting words from the Lord or having prophetic dreams. There are Muslims coming to Christ in the thousands because of encounters with Jesus in their dreams, as well as many other people from different religions that are experiencing the same thing.  What we are seeing right now is ACTIVATION.  Acts 2:17 says “In the last days, God says,  I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy,  your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams."

Even though this blog part is mainly about my personal prophecy, I think its very important for others to understand how God communicates and what comes to pass afterwards. He absolutely still communicates to His creation but you have to be in tune to hear correctly.  For me, He speaks as if it were my own thoughts or voice in my head. I can usually separate between my own thoughts and the complete random ones that come to my mind. Usually, the very first thought that randomly comes to your mind is God's and not your own.  (that doesn't go against God clearly - like a sinful type of thought)

Example: While taking a shower and singing a song, I will randomly get someone's face that shows up in my mind. I was singing a song and focused on that but somehow this person is appearing in my mind - that's God speaking. Now I have to listen closely as to what i'm supposed to do for this person that popped up in my mind. Pray, call, text them, etc. I would assume that God speaks to most of us in the exact same way and you have to train yourself to realize those first random thoughts are usually His. The more pressing the thought or image is, the more important it is. There are some words or phrases that I cant get out of my head no matter what I try to focus on.  During the last two days, the word that continued to burrow in my head was "activating". It repeated in my brain over and over like a broken record.

I will take you on the last several-week journey so you know how I came to the place of where I now write this blog. So that everyone will know the power of God and His words, I have taken screenshots of my dreams and words (emails with dates and times) to prove none of what i'm about to share is fabricated. I've also included many pictures of things specific to where we ate, stayed, etc. just to break up the monotony and give you a visual along the way. 


Before I get heavy into the revelations I've received this year, I first want to start out making several statements about fasting. I think most Christians don't even know about it - what it is or why you would even do it. Jesus said in Matthew 6:16, "When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full." He says "when" not "if". We are told to fast because the benefits are amazing, for both your spiritual and physical man.  Jesus was baptized with the Holy Spirit and was then led into the wilderness where He fasted for 40 days. 

I don't recall where I got the book but I have a book on fasting called "God's Chosen Fast" by Arthur Wallis (Amazon link) and I would highly recommend it.  Its only 100 pages and a smaller book so it takes maybe two hours to read. There are some incredible nuggets in here for those who want better clarity to hear God, want prayers answered, receive breakthrough, etc. It's especially important to talk about it now because we are in the Hebrew month of Elul, which is a time of fasting and prayer.  I bring this up because I wouldn't be where I am at this moment, spiritually, had I not fasted and prayed about certain things recently.  It opened a deeper relationship with the Father that I have never experienced.

I do want to clarify a few things regarding my personal fasts: I am about to tell you what I fasted and how many days for a specific purpose.  Usually this is a very private thing, something between you and God, and not to be revealed to anyone. (Matthew 6:6)  I say it not to boast but to explain why I did it and what the significance was, which was only revealed to me during this immense information download. I'm still getting revelation as I compose this line so bare with me as this will be a long post.

I think to start, I need to explain my recent fasts since this blog part exists because of them. If you're my friend on Facebook, you will notice that I just uploaded several pictures of my family visiting Noah's Ark in Williamstown, KY (The Ark Encounter) from two weeks ago. Friends, its one of the most emotional things to encounter, even if you aren't a believer.  When we got off the bus, we all started to cry. As a Christian, you cant help but to cry tears of joy that we serve such an amazing God. For those who don't believe, the sheer size is one of the greatest spectacles you could witness today.  If you don't know about the ark that was recently built, its the exact specifications according to the Bible starting in Genesis 6:14.  It's like six stories high and a football field and half in length and its simply breath taking.

For my 35th birthday (August 16th), I wanted to see Noah's Ark in person. For those who may not know, the real Noah's Ark was found exactly where the Bible said it rested - in the mountains of Ararat, Turkey. It was discovered in 1959, tested from 1960 until current day, and even the Turkish government credits the finding as indeed Noah's Ark in 1987. (The Real Noah's Ark).  Why is this significant? We find the ark was revealed only within this generation - which Jesus Himself said would be those of the days of Noah. (Matthew 24:37). Noah's ark, along with the rainbow, flooding, number 40, etc all play into significant end-time prophecy.

Assuming you read Part 4 of this blog series on the rapture and see just how much time we have left, I wanted to see this ark in person before i'm gone. But before we left on our 4.5 hour field trip, I was also nudged by God to fast and pray before and during our adventure.  Here are some of the things I fasted and prayed for: 

  • Pray that my spiritual walk be strengthened
  • Pray that I hear Him more clearly and have better discernment
  • Pray that I am able to lead my house according to His word
  • Pray that I focus on God and my family during these last few days and not things of this world
  • Pray that I get all sin out of my life and do my absolute best to live according to Jesus and His word
  • Pray that I am counted worthy to escape the wrath to come
  • Pray that I become His spotless bride

With these intentions, I felt led to fast and pray for two days without food (called a normal fast). Once the 48 hours ended (I started my fast at night during the dinner hours), we all ate dinner together at a place called LaRossa's after arriving at the hotel and settling in. (red arrow below)

On a complete side note, don't ever eat here if you are Italian. I'm not one to badmouth a place but if you only like the taste of eating raw garlic to the point that's all you taste, this is definitely the place for you! We now joke that they put so much raw garlic in everything that its even in their dessert (they pride themselves on their "special blend of garlic".) Seriously though...don't do it.

We were only a few miles away from The Ark Encounter so I was fatigued from not eating prior to that dinner and wanted to get an early start to bed.  That next morning, I woke up early to do my daily Bible readings within our church app (Celebration Church App - my shameless plug) and ate breakfast in the lobby while listening to the Bible on audio.  

My mom comes to join me for breakfast and we are talking about some recent things God revealed to me and about the fast I just finished.  On the TV behind me was the news covering the most recent riots. Since I intentionally disconnected myself from the news as of late, I really didn't know exactly what had happened, only that civil unrest is part of the birth pangs Jesus spoke of and referenced in Part 2 of this series (Matthew 24:7). After a quick discussion of national news and how it pertained to end-times, my mom went back to the room to get ready and I finished my breakfast and bible reading. As I made my way back to the room to get ready and as I got in the shower (my prayer closet), God told me to do another two day fast, this time no food and no liquids (called an absolute fast). Now its August 14th, two days from my birthday, on a birthday trip where I can't celebrate food wise, and i'll be walking around in 90 degree heat with no food and no water - OK God, i'll obey.  I don't understand why two days when in my mind, fasts are usually 3, 7, and 21 days outside of the normal one day fast. Sometimes we don't understand God's plan but we just need to be obedient to Him. During that second period of fasting, I prayed for the same thing but this time, God told me that I would be activated when I got home.  "Activated" I asked? I didn't know what that meant. He didn't confirm either, only repeating that I would be activated.

What I didn't mention earlier is that along with my other prayer needs, my wife Miriam had been having a ton of bodily attacks over the last several years. 

Recently, one of her pupils random started dilating, causing her to have bad headaches and blurred vision. Part of this second fast was to pray for her healing and I felt once the fast was over, she was going to receive that healing along with my activation - whatever that may be.  She had scheduled an neurological exam that Friday, August 18th so we wanted God to show us He is God and what a perfect opportunity to fast and pray for healing. We didn't want to just say a quick prayer; we wanted breakthrough! 

Noah's Ark was amazing and God carried me through the hunger and thirst pangs, even to the bottom of the Ark where the gift shop was and where they made all sorts of homemade fudge.  If you have ever fasted without food, it seems that everywhere you go or everything you see has food pressed into your face. You better believe I bought some of that fudge to eat directly after my fast was over. Through the course of the fast, I continued to pray and diligently.  Anytime I stood still and no one was talking to me, I thanked Him. I thanked God for Miriam's healing;  I thanked God for wanting to deposit in me, enough to "activate" me into another spiritual gifting; I thanked God that man doesn't live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4) and that He was providing supernatural sustenance to my body throughout the fast.

Once we left Noah's Ark and the Creation Museum (45 minutes from the Ark), we drove home to the most spectacular thing. A rainbow - but not just any rainbow.  

This rainbow had no rain cloud and was standing alone in the sky amidst a few ordinary clouds. (The image to the left is just a visual I found online) The other odd thing about it was that it was a square, as if a square chunk had been removed from it and that's all that showed.  That rainbow followed us nearly the entire way home (4.5 hours) and you would only see it if you knew where to look.  I got in my spirit as we started to drive away that this rainbow was specifically and only for us in the car. Funny enough, just another sign attached to the days of Noah as we left Noah's ark. 

When my second set of two days were over and I was ready to eat something, God told me to eat two pieces of bread, followed by one glass of water before anything else. While eating, He reminded me of the last supper and the bread was His body, while the water symbolized my purification. The old me (now devoid of food) was gone and new me was being born with Christ (fresh manna). Once I finished both, He then told me I could have my milk and honey, which I knew He was referring to the promised land in Deuteronomy.  For the milk, it was to be literal milk and for the honey, I went to the closet to grab some and He told me no - I was to eat the fudge from Noah's Ark instead. Mind you, I have no idea why He's telling me some of these things, i'm just learning to hear Him correctly and obeying without questioning. 

At this point, I feel very empowered.  I went a total of 4 days without food (except the one dinner meal in between) and it gave me confidence that I had God's strength over my body and fleshly desires such as food. It also sparked a strong hunger to pursue God even more.  It was at this time that I started really humbling myself before God and repenting daily.  For the first time, I only wanted to do what the Lord called me to do and I knew in order to do that, I had to repent of my sin on a daily basis - something I hadn't done before consistently.

Fast forward to that Friday and Miriam's neurological appointment, we both walked into that office with faith that she was completely healed and God was going to give us both a good report.  When I ended my four day fast on that Monday, she was also led to fast for four days leading up to her appointment. During that time, she was not just praying for her healing but thanking God that healing was already done. We both believe its important to walk in a state of victory when praying.  Don't pray for God to just heal you, thank Him for the healing that has already taken place and overall health. Healing is usually a temporary fix but health is a continued state of well-being. Also, it's extremely important to verbalize your prayer. Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of GodProverbs 18:21 says there is life or death in the tongue. You will notice that when you pray aloud, there is much more power behind what you are praying for.

Miriam went in to see the doctor (both of us knowing she was already healed) and came out 30 minutes later saying "It's nothing serious and a condition called Adie Syndrome, something that affects 2 out of 1000 people, mostly women." - praise God, prayers answered! From the very start of her fast, Miriam no longer had headaches and no longer had blurry vision. Her pupil still dilates but she wasn't having any of the side-affects from it. We contribute that strictly to God's healing through fasting and prayer.

Coming off of my four day fast and Miriam coming off of hers, we were now stepping into another spiritual level we hadn't been in before.  A state of stronger faith, boldness, peace, and empowerment. How did we celebrate each others fast after her appointment? Pancake Pantry of course! - the complete wrong thing to do when coming off of a long fast.

That weekend, I had a friend of mine reach out and ask for prayer. In talking about the effects of the fast I just got off of and his general interest in it, he felt led by the spirit to embark on a three day fast (a normal fast without food). He had some things he wanted to see breakthrough in for his family and for more personal reasons. At this point, he had never fasted before, doesn't know what to expect, and has never been without food for more than 24 hours in his life. Hearing his heart and his sincere desire to receive breakthrough, God told me to fast with him, stand in agreement, and intercede on his behalf. We started the fast that next morning (the day of the eclipse) and we sent text messages back and forth praying, encouraging, keeping each other in check, and having cool bits of wisdom God was revealing to us to boost our faith.  


Following the first four days of fasting, I started receiving words and dreams from God which was something that hasn't happened to me before (regarding words). When I woke up the next few days/weeks and listened to my daily bible reading, God started to speak personal words that I then put into email.  I will pick back up with the fast I did with my friend after I list the words and dreams I received during that time. The words and dreams were as followed:  

AUGUST 15, 2017 (The Day of the Lord):


The great divide is here. With its people, land, and according to the word Mena Lee received.  I have raised up a remnant that will persevere. They will be righteous and shooting stars will dictate. One door will be opened and its small, for those who truly seek me. The mountain tops will cry out (volcanoes). The remnant will be everlasting.  Like the ribs of Adam, they will be given to the woman. My time has come. The tribe of Judah shall fall on their knees and wont surrender. In the day of the Lord, so shall it be done.  You are the remnant (me) and I am well pleased.  The earth is going to shatter, quake, and sway for the day of the Lord has come. I do this not of My own works but that of the Fathers. A day or mourning and rejoicing. No one will be able to stand before the Lord, Sackcloth and ashes. My testimony will be given to all, and to all who believe. The day of the Lord is like a thief in the night, for I come quickly. Be my shepard and shepard My flock. 

Now mind you, this is the first word I have ever received from the Lord.  Was I hearing this correctly?! Looking at the word, a lot of it doesn't make sense and its easy to doubt when it doesn't make much sense. But I wrote it down anyway and quickly sent it to myself in an email. 

What's also note worthy is that he said the word "Mena Lee received". That is Mena Lee Grebin (Facebook page) and you can find her video (which I knew nothing about until the other day) here (video link). It was recorded September 1, 2016.  In the video, she confirms Dallas and Houston Hurricane judgments.

August 17th, 2017 (Dream of Planet X and Lava):


I remember being in some sort of stadium type seating but was inside with miriam and mom and I had all my camera equipment with me. It looked more like a smaller music venue inside. I can't remember the first half of the dream but at the end, I had those eclipse glasses and went outside. Looking up with them, I saw Planet X and it was to the right side of the sun and was much larger than the sun as if it was almost to earth. 

As I studied Planet X, it would crack open and show lava within and then close back up and disappear. I knew in the dream that this planet was only visible with heat (or when it cracked open to show the lava).  I went back inside and found my friend Ryan who I knew would want to see this. He ran out before me but without his glasses. I ran out behind him and he's staring into the sun without the glasses and says he can't see it. I told him he can't wear his sunglasses to see if and needs these eclipse glasses. I put mine on to show him where it was but at this point, the Planet X was like the setting sun on the horizon and much lower like it was about to impact the earth. 

Then as I'm watching it, the planet starts to explode like one of those gourmet chocolate filled candy balls and it started to open and flow out lava upon the earth. Everyone went crazy and started running, knowing we were all going to die. I ran around the back of the building and somehow wound up on a several story roof trying to jump from one building to the next further away from this lava that was pouring out and was going to kill everyone. I recall thinking in my dream how ironic this was that lava was being poured out and I said to God" well, if I die from lava, at least I know I will be with You in heaven." I almost had Spider-Man type powers where I was able to leap extremely far to other buildings, catching on the a wire or pole from other buildings as I jumped. 

My scene was downtown somewhere and it looked the lava started on the river, much like the Nashville river at second avenue. I know I made it several buildings over before I woke up and didn't see the lava in my dream once I started running away. The entire city was running away from this though. Thinking back and looking into the sky before the planet exploded or oozed out - there were three bodies or objects in the sky. There was the sun in the middle, Planet X to the right of it, and one more smaller one that was to the top left and in the distance to the sun.

August 21st, 2017 (Judgment Falls Upon the Nation):


I am the Lord your God, I waiver not! Judgment falls upon your nation. I have protected the remnant. My will be done. I have spoken and it will be so. Mountains will cry out. Devastation comes. Devastation comes. Devastation comes.Wrath. I'm pouring out my wrath. Prophets and kings. Kingdoms to come. You (me) have the gift of prophecy and didn't even know it. The hour has come. The door is open to the faithful. Judgment falls upon your nation. It will be like the parting of the red sea. Be fruitful and multiply.

I have no clue what be fruitful and multiply means but there are some significant things in here I will touch on later.  Each of these words and dream has parts that form a bigger picture when reviewing all of them.

August 26th, 2017 (Fierce Judgment):


I am God. There are no others like Me. I have heard my peoples cry. Judgment falls upon your nation. Withstand you shall. I am coming for My righteous bride. My righteous right hand. Many will fall, few will obey. Fierce judgment comes. The blood of My Son will save many but His wrath to come will end many. Your aunt will be a part of that wrath. Fear not Jonathan for I am with you. I have protected you since you were born. Through trials and tribulations, I was there and here you are, back to Me. You have been resurrected and will be resurrected with My Son. The Father is speaking. I am the One the nations should bow down to but they choose not Me. They have chosen another and so I will give them over to him. Yes, it is Satan I am referring to. The nations will tremble - and crumble. I am the Lord your God and there is no other. Worship Me Jonathan in these last days, as hard as you can. Continue to fast and repent. Give that which is God's. Well done faithful servant, well done. I come.


I am very burdened today - second day in a row where I feel anger without violence and a heaviness that something is wrong without the worry behind it. Its a constant pit-feeling that I cant shake, almost like a depression without being depressed.


- Vehement; violent; furious; rushing; impetuous, as a fierce wind.

Revelation 16:19: "and the great city was divided into 3 parts, and the cities of the nations fell, and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath."

  • this exactly coincided with my daily reading for 8/26 on Jack Hibbs and Celebration Church apps. 
  • (Job 20-22: The wicked will suffer | Jeremiah 50-51: Judgment on Babylon)
  • the number 3 reappears. the great city was divided into 3 - the US can be divided into 3 along the Mississippi river as well as the 3 major fault lines.


As my friend and I continued our fast, I was led to write multiple scriptures down on paper, as they pertained to each of the prayer requests he had.  I said those scriptures out loud, several times a day. The power of the tongue is a very powerful thing indeed.  One of those prayers was for him to get rid of addiction - specifically smoking which he hasn't gone a day without. I'll give a quick praise report that its been well over a week and he hasn't had a cigarette yet. THAT is the power of God and only God! Both of us started getting revelation during that time period.  I would send some stuff to him, and he would send more stuff back to me.  The purpose was to boost our faith and learn to hear what God is saying to us.  When you have strong faith, Jesus said mountains can be moved by saying so (Matthew 17:20). 

The time came for us to stop the fast after three days but the morning after the fast (August 25th) and when we both were suppose to eat, I felt God call me to fast one more day.  I told my buddy to enjoy his long-awaited meal and I was going to continue on in my fasting.  

  • I want to make a side note here for those who are interested in fasting.  The strong hunger pangs generally last for two days. Once you overcome that hurdle, they are very mild and very infrequent.  I think in those last two days, I may have been hungry 2-3 times and a mild hunger at that. You start feeling very empowered over your flesh and if you are in a constant state of prayer, its very easy to have victory.
The fourth day's fast was specific prayer for my pastor and a very urgent need that's been many years in the making. I'm also happy to report that after several years of praying and him getting a no multiple times, he finally got a yes the very next day! Again, the power of fasting and prayer.  I had one other leader from our church fasting and praying with me specifically for his breakthrough and God came through 100%!


And now fast forward to yesterday (August 28th) where I started to be on a different spiritual plain and receive all-day revelation. I'm going to break down all of the revelation that was given to me but I first want to touch on the revelation regarding my recent fasts. God said this (paraphrasing and recapping): 

You fasted for a total of 8 days. In the middle of that fast and prior to your birthday, I told you that you would be activated. The bread you ate was My body and the water you drank represented purification. You heard and saw prophetic words and dreams being given; You saw healing of Miriam; You saw your friend have a breakthrough in not only his personal walk with Me but some breakthrough regarding his household; You saw breakthrough regarding your pastor's situation. The number 8 in the Bible represents a new beginning, meaning a new order or creation, and man's true 'born again' event when he is resurrected from the dead into eternal life (Meaning of the Number 8).  This 8th day pictures the first resurrection when the saints will be raised from the dead and made immortal (1Corinthians 15:20 - 23, John 3:3 - 12, Revelation 20:4 - 6). The number eight in the Bible signifies Resurrection and Regeneration (Link) - I'll touch on why the word regeneration is important later as it deals with Hurricane Harvey.

Mind blown - especially since I just finished the blog on the rapture directly before leaving to Noah's Ark and looking forward to The Feast of Trumpets in September for a possible rapture. Not only does this pertain to the rapture but I became a new creation in the spiritual realm after becoming activated. Then as i'm in the bathroom marveling at what He revealed (yes, God speaks to us when we are in the bathroom sometimes), He blew my mind yet again. He then said this (again paraphrasing):

Why do you think I activated you in prophecy? I said I didn't know and then a part of scripture came to my mind about young men have visions and old men dreaming so I started to think on that for a minute.  I asked him, "Why have I always had rapture dreams, starting as early as a 7 year-old Catholic kid who was never taught about the rapture (because Catholics don't believe in it) and certainly never taught anything outside of the four gospels? What defines a young man and an old man regarding that scripture?" He said, "What is a generation?" I said 70 years according to Psalm 90:10 and He replied, "What is half of that?" to which I said, 35...

...Mind blown again. I sat there and stared in the mirror in awe for a minute thinking about the weight of that revelation.  I had just turned 35 and was told I would be activated two days before my birthday. He then revealed that since I am in the middle of both young and old, I now have the gift of both dreams and visions.  So I went to look up that scripture and completely forgot that before it mentioned the young and old men, it first mentions in the last days that the sons and daughters will prophesy...mind blown yet again (Acts 2:17).


This is where I started getting download after download. When I opened my Facebook page, the first image that popped up dealt with an unfortunate situation regarding a friend and revelation just snowballed from there.  I texted my mom everything I was being unloaded with and took screenshots of the conversation so you can see what hit me - just within the first two hours of being awake.  I will recap what was said after the pictures.

So to recap and give you a brief background of how this day started, I had a Christian friend scoff me on one of my Facebook posts the night before. I replied that I would delete any comment regarding scoffing because I don't have time for it. That led into both friends (married) deleting me while rebuking me in the process. That was the same day (August 26th) I felt extremely burdened as I mentioned in the last word I received. I had an extreme heaviness the entire day and didn't know what it was or meant - until that happened and realized. I've only experienced that heaviness once before and the last time I had it, the very next morning my gay uncle cut off our entire family because of our Christian faith (and not recognizing his gay marriage) as well as firing my mom from the family business (after 30 years to the very weekend) shortly afterwards. So I knew this feeling had to do with a warning about a friend or family member and I'll be able to discern that now going forward.

When I awoke that next morning, the first thing that popped up in my Facebook feed was 2 Timothy 3 about godlessness in the last days. I've read that scripture before but what I didn't recall was the last highlighted sentence, "have nothing to do with them."

Now I love both of these people very much and they have been good friends for almost 15 years now.  God told me quite a while back (after receiving a word within our church's Supernatural School of Ministry Bible School) that I was to be very wise with who I invest my time into. The word that was spoken over me was that I was going to receive so much wisdom and knowledge that I would have to discern and be careful not to pick up false responsibility. If I wasn't sharp or thinking things through, I would try to help them fix their problems or situations and get exhausted in the process.  I was to inquire the Lord before investing serious time into anyone on .

Because this is a very personal situation for me, I feel like I need to expound on it for a minute because there are some life lessons that can be learned here. God spoke to me about a year or more ago that I need to distance myself from this friend because of their beliefs and actions regarding pretty much everything. (Biblical view, end-time events, current world events, government, people, etc). I never stopped being a friend nor hesitated to be there if a text or call came but my time could no longer be invested in a closer relationship because there was no Godly fruit.  

For Christians, you should always see a pruning process and discernment that usually takes place within family or friends the closer to God you get. You should definitely be able to see it right now (last generation) within the world, this country, and within your own family and friends. You want to surround yourself with kingdom-minded people. Twice while praying for him that night, God interrupted me both times telling me not to pray for him and that he was already gone to strong delusion. Not to pray for him I said? Why? He then brought several scriptures to my attention: 

Jeremiah 11:14
“Do not pray for this people or offer any plea or petition for them, because I will not listen when they call to me in the time of their distress." -  I prayed days later about what I heard, still feeling uneasy about not praying for them, and asked God to show me scripture to stand on. Then God revealed where He Himself told someone to stop praying for another.

Deuteronomy 1:45
"You came back and wept before the Lord, but he paid no attention to your weeping and turned a deaf ear to you." - many times, we don't realize God doesn't hear the prayers of the sinners. Or in other words, because you rather showed your hypocrisy, than true repentance; rather lamenting the loss of your brethren, than repenting for your sins.

John 9:3
"We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly person who does his will." - again, self explanatory. God hears those who follow His will.

Proverbs 28:9
"If anyone turns a deaf ear to my instruction, even their prayers are detestable." - this one is a doozy. This is specifically talking about a Holy Spirit leading so if you aren't listening to the spirit (in which I felt they were not nor even mentioned a spirit-leading), God says your prayers are detestable.

2 Peter 3:3 

"Above all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires." - if you don't have Christians who are grounded in the word - and more importantly - hearing from God and following the Holy Spirit's leading - then scoffing and unbelief usually follows. The absolute biggest issue I had with this situation was that there was never any mention of the Holy Spirit leading myself or others to certain beliefs or actions. That told me everything I needed to know about their fruit and God's leading. You must always discern with the spirit.

Proverbs 9:8
"Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you." - Normally I would respond and want to make sure I was understood correctly or at very least, point people back to the Bible (in correct context). I chose not to respond to any of the comments on my Facebook status and instead deleted the comments without reading because of this verse. As a Christian, I need to be wise with these types of situations.  I see Christians engaging others (negatively) on Facebook everyday and think about the amount of time and energy that gets wasted to deaf ears. This could easily be a way for Satan to distract me from God, throw off my peace (which he was successful at), and invite spiritual attack if I let my guard down. I immediately reached out for prayer, put on praise music, and tried to regain my peace.

Psalm 1:1
"Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers." - As Christians, we have to realize that the devil will try to attack you in any way possible. That may be through other Christians, daily distractions, making you busy, etc. If you don't have on your spiritual armor, you haven't dug into the word and fed your spirit man, and you haven't prayed and communed with the Father, you are left wide open to the devils attacks with no defense to them. These attacks can become pattern and eventually lead down a path of unbelief.

Much to say, it was saddening the way things turned out but it was no coincidence I saw that scripture after praying about the situation before I fell asleep. I explained all of this in great detail to show why its important to listen to God's instruction and how He reveals Himself through His word and confirmations.

Directly after I saw that on Facebook, I went downstairs to do my morning bible reading and got hit in the face with both daily readings, one from my church's app and the other from Jack Hibbs' app. In Ezekiel 1-3, it was talking about being a watchman. In Revelation 2, John is writing about the churches of the end-times. Now the same night before, my family had gone out shopping and then to eat afterwards and God told me to start writing down things for my next and final blog. From the time we started shopping until we finished eating, I couldn't stop thinking or writing the things God was leading me to write about in this last blog part. As you see from the below, I had multiple things revealed and many on the back that I needed to address within this next blog part .

I had been praying during these fasts on what I was supposed to be doing with the time I had left and whether I was supposed to write one more part to this blog series. As i'm listening to the bible on audio, i'm thrilled to start receiving some confirmation regarding what I was supposed to do. I requested one person on Facebook that I randomly came across on Youtube (Jerry Toney), liked his very stern but honest approach to end-times, and wanted to see his updates on in my feed. (I shared his name and profile because he is a watchman that has no qualms about spreading the truth) He then shared one of my recent statuses and everything wound up snowballing from there.  I got 15 or so friend requests over the next day or two (which I never accept if I don't know them personally) but over 30 people shared my status so I knew this is what God wanted me to do and I accepted everyone.

Then looking back into Facebook directly after my reading, I see someones comment that catches my eye:

I'm going to block out her name for her privacy but she said the Lord told her the door was shut and that no one "who doesn't understand by now will get in." That comment was huge to me because in two of my words, they mentioned an open door for those who truly seek Him and are faithful, confirming exactly what she received from the Lord. Mind you, my first word was days before and my second was at the exact same time she posted her comment.

So i'm flipping out at this point because as soon as God reveals one thing to me, another comes right on its heels. Then I see another comment that sets me off: 

I was just telling Miriam and my Mom at Panera right before we went shopping that I felt God lead me to write letters for certain individuals and leave them on my kitchen counter as a last testament once the rapture occurs. This woman on Facebook was in the current process of doing that.  After I probed and asked if she was doing this out of the blue or whether she felt God called her to do it, she confirmed it was a God-leading. Then another woman chimed in on the status and said the exact same thing.

Nearly everything that has happened so far in these two hours all coincided to things I specifically addressed with my family the night before as well as the words that were received around or on the same day. I'm on cloud 9 already because I haven't experienced God in such a way where revelation just continues to flow.  

To recap what has been revealed to me so far in these two hours: 

  • the Facebook post and scriptures about my friend and that whole situation
  • the Bible reading that confirmed my role as a watchman, hearing God correctly, and hence writing this blog series
  • the comment about the door and the faithful as it coincided with my words
  • the letters that God called me and others to write
  • the meaning of the fasts I completed
  • the meaning of the spiritual gifting I was given and its timing
  • the spiritual meaning of the bread and water I ate and drank after the fast

Shortly following the confirmations with my mom through text, I sent the same information to Miriam. She responds that she had a dream about hearing the word "Capernaum".  I sit in awe as I text Miriam back letting her know the revelation that was coming:

I know this is a lot to read and probably harder to read in the screenshots but here is a recap: 

  1. She was awaken from her sleep hearing the word Capernaum. 
  2. She didn't realize that I had a dream a few months ago (unfortunately didn't document in my email and texted it to my family instead) where the town I was in was being was raining so hard that the only way to survive death was to flee to the next town, Capernaum. Once I got there and in the middle of the town, a nuke bomb went off in every direction, one after the other until the one directly north took me out but I awoke before getting hit with the blast.
  3. I searched the meaning of Capernaum directly after that dream but couldn't find any spiritual significance to it.  It was only months later when Miriam heard that name before I started searching again and instantly came across this: "Despite the unique number of evidences our Lord presented to them, most of the people of Capernaum lacked faith in Him and remained unrepentant disbelievers. Because they turned so strongly away from the uniquely gracious light given, they were strongly judged (Article)." - I saw strongly judged out of this but Miriam also saw "disbelievers".
  4. At dinner the previous night, I had a brain lapse and was thinking about my first blog part - Two Perspectives. I used the two terms "unbelief and belief" and I was doubting myself whether I should have used the word disbelief instead and if unbelief was even a word. I made a conversation of the word disbelief for several minutes while we ate, realizing they had two different meanings.
  5. She asked me if this was a warning to her and I was getting in my spirit that it was prophetic and highlighted the recent word I received showing me God gave me the gift of prophecy and I didn't even know it.
  6. I get the overwhelming sense I was supposed to share it on Facebook immediately and prayed about what I was supposed to say.
  7. I felt God nudge me that this was so urgent that I needed to take a personal day off of work and focus into writing all the revelation that was being poured into me for this very blog. Thankfully I have an amazing job and boss and he understood my spiritual urgency and had no issues with me signing off.
From there, I went into the shower to pray (my prayer closet) and God continued to download into me. I think I might have been in there for close to two hours receiving revelation and a personal word for me and Miriam.  God told me to call her  from downstairs and proceeded to give me a personal word for the two of us which I made her record on my phone. During that word, He revealed the meaning of the number I have been praying about for a very long time - 221. I see if EVERYWHERE. I lived at 221; My uncle lived at 221; London was conceived 221 days from when I met Miriam (we calculated in an Applebees one day), our first hospital room before delivery was 221, the random house we turned around in on the way to Noah's ark in the middle of nowhere was 221, and so on. Both Miriam and my mother see the same number as much as I do so I know there is something significant to it, I just didn't know what. He said it related to this scripture - Proverbs 22:1 (wink), which my next door neighbor has flagged in her front yard. 

  • Proverbs 22:1 - A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.
The meaning of the number (over us) He said was blessing and favor. Immediately I knew what He meant.  The name Jonathan means "a gift from God" in Hebrew - or a gift being a "blessing" according to the definition of blessing. Miriam has received two words in the past where God specifically calls her "Ann" instead of Miriam and that means "highly favored or favored graciously".

You don't know how many years I've been trying to figure that number and its revelation.  Some 20+ years but I've only been specifically praying about it lately. It's a wonderful feeling when prayers are answered and revelation is given. I've lived at my house for 13 years now and I walk my dog in front of the neighbors house every single day. I look at that sign but never connected it until now.

I got out of the shower and started to work on my blog for the next several hours.  When I started to think about when my activation was to begin - and what it was, He dropped another revelation on me.  He said someone laid hands on me and already activated me.  I work from home and hardly get out of the house so I'm scratching my head because I know my places of travel are very limited.  I go to church on the weekends and maybe out to eat with my mom and family around that time.  Then it hit me. There was a weekend directly prior to our trip to Noah's Ark where the presence was so strong during our worship practice that one of our worship leader's went around to each member on the team (as we are worshiping) and laid hands on us.  She was the only person to physically lay hands on me but that was prior to our trip and I was thinking it was going to be after my fast.  God continued to press that it was because someone laid hands on me and imparted the gift. 

So I sent Andrea, the worship leader in question, a text and left it completely open-ended.  I wanted God to show Himself through Andrea, proactively confirming if she in fact had the gift of prophecy. And sure enough, prophecy was the first thing she operated in. COME ON PEOPLE! This is insanity by now and from the moment I woke up, the revelation hasn't stopped.

Then of course, He wants to drop another one on me. As I get to the point of the blog about the bread and water I ate and drank following my first four-day fast, God reveals the second meaning, starting with a scripture:

Exodus 23:25 - “So you shall serve the Lord your God, and He will bless your bread and your water. And I will take sickness away from the midst of you.

If you cant recall what I prayed for during that last two days of the first four-day fast, it was to pray for Miriam's healing before she had her neurological exam that following Friday. This verse specifically talks about all three. He then revealed that each piece of bread eaten was to cover each member of this household for healing. So I ate one for me, one for Miriam, and one for London.

This again is mind blowing because its so specific to exactly what was said through text and what God was speaking to me on during the first fast. The end of my fast was the start of hers and from the very start, she no longer had headaches and no longer had blurry vision The power of God!

Why stop there though, right? The final kicker of the day (now night time) was a random message on Facebook from a friend back in my church youth group around 1998.  As i'm typing this blog, I hear the messenger sound of Facebook go off and I actually got spooked from what transpired. I want to preface that I haven't seen this guy in I cant even recall and the last time was probably youth group around 1998:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This friend messages me randomly about questions regarding the parable of the 10 virgins (which deals with the rapture), not being sure how to tell if he will be taken, and I had a rapture dream from 2013 with him in it, specifically mentioning him by name, and it dealing with uncertainty about the rapture within the dream!!  That particular dream is the reason why I have a spiritual walk today.  I was so radically changed by my encounter with Jesus in that dream that I have never been the same: The Second Coming Warning Dream

Here is a screenshot of where he is listed by name:

I told him the two lines we were standing in symbolized the 10 virgins. Five of them were prepared and taken into the wedding chamber - symbolizing one of the lines. The other five were not prepared, symbolizing the other line to which we were in. Instead of us being raptured (or beamed up), we fell into the bottomless pit. God told me that the reason I posted the Facebook status with urgency was for him.  Had I not posted it, he may have never messaged me.

What do you believe the chances of the exact person I dreamed of contacting me, asking about the very same thing I dreamed of years later? Remember, there are no coincidences with God! I even asked in my message if he had read any of the other blogs to ensure he didn't accidentally pick this up from reading the very first blog.  He confirmed he hadn't.  

Folks, if you aren't convinced at this point that God not only exists, He still speaks to us and gives us confirmation signs, you have been given over to the strong delusion Paul talks about in 2 Thessalonians 2:11.  It's that simple.  It takes three things before a coincidence becomes intentional. In this one day alone, I had like 20 or so. Now apply this same principle to revelations and confirmations within the things the Bible speaks of in Genesis 1:14. If God can clearly speak to people like myself, He is absolutely speaking to the nations and the world and with signs and wonders.


I want to circle back around to the word I have given on August 21 - the day of the eclipse. It said:

Judgment Falls Upon the Nation (8/21/17 - the solar eclipse)
I am the Lord your God, I waiver not! Judgment falls upon your nation. I have protected the remnant. My will be done. I have spoken and it will be so. Mountains will cry out. Devastation comes. Devastation comes. Devastation comes.Wrath. I'm pouring out my wrath. Prophets and kings. Kingdoms to come. You (me) have the gift of prophecy and didn't even know it. The hour has come. The door is open to the faithful. Judgment falls upon your nation. It will be like the parting of the red sea. Be fruitful and multiply.

If you saw my Facebook post about this hurricane, and it was the one that gained so much attention to my Facebook page, it said this:

I feel like I need to hit this again since people keep saying "God bless America and God bless Texas all over my feed.

We are in the very last minutes before Tribulation starts. I can't even count the biblical signs to support that. Natural disasters like this hurricane are FROM GOD! They are not a random occurrence...

Remember, God said no sign would be given to the wicked and adulterous generation EXCEPT THE SIGN OF JONAH.

So look at Jonah 1:4 - But the Lord sent out a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty tempest in the sea, so that the ship was like to be broken.

They are calling this the hurricane the "perfect combo" of events for big destruction. 3 is the biblical number of "divine perfection".

3 days from the eclipse and this hurricane formed. It was a category 3 as of yesterday. A 3.1 earthquake hit right where the hurricane was going to hit. Jonah was in the whale 3 days and 3 nights. 33 days from the eclipse falls on the Feast of Trumpets - the rapture in any given year. The eclipse started in Oregon which happens to be be 33rd state. See a Godly pattern here? The great eclipse landed on Elul 1, which is the day Jonah set out to Ninevah according to history. Not to mention Ninevah had a solar eclipse right before they were to be judged, just as we had the eclipse followed directly before this hurricane. We are in the Jewish month of repentance. Could God be any clearer?...

What I didn't connect until God revealed this to me last night was the word I received had the phrase "devastation comes". Even more odd, He specifically told me to write it down three times. I was originally going to write it once and He corrected me. We know the significance of the word "devastation" but when a word is repeated within the Bible back to back, its extremely significant.  Example: Jesus says, "Truly, truly I tell you..." He's putting a lot of emphasis on being matter of fact. You could look at this as devastation x 3, pretty much a ruinous heap at that point. How did I know this word was about the hurricane?

Jonah 1:4 - But the Lord sent out a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty tempest in the sea, so that the ship was like to be broken. No sign will be given to the wicked and adulterous generation except the sign of Jonah (Matthew 16:4). That happened to be the "great" solar eclipse which in Jonah's history, fell on Elul 1, the same as ours did.

And then we have this:

"Hurricane Harvey wreaks historic devastation: By the numbers"(ABC article). Not just any devastation, historic.  This article was written 10 days after my word.

Then another article from USA Today says "Harvey to be costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, estimated cost of $160 billion (USA Today article)

And then God gives even more confirmation - and getting spooky - is the second word I got on August 26th at 10:53am

August 26, 2017 Word (Fierce Judgment)

I am God. There are no others like me. I have heard my peoples cry. Judgment falls upon your nation. Withstand you shall. I am coming for my righteous bride. My righteous right hand. Many will fall, few will obey. Fierce judgment comes. The blood of My Son will save many but His wrath to come will end many. Your aunt will be a part of that wrath. Fear not Jonathan for I am with you. I have protected you since you were born. Through trials and tribulations, I was there and here you are, back to Me. You have been resurrected and will be resurrected with My Son. The Father is speaking. I am the One the nations should bow down to but they choose not Me. They have chosen another and so I will give them over to him. Yes, it is Satan I am referring to. The nations will tremble - and crumble. I am the Lord your God and there is no other. Worship me Jonathan in these last days, as hard as you can. Continue to fast and repent. Give that which is God's. Well done faithful servant, well done. I come.

I'll be the first to say that I don't understand much of this. A quick side note that the very last phrase, "I come" seemed odd to me.  God led me to look up both 3 and 33 in the Strong's Concordance for the word attached to it. Take a guess as to what they are?

3 - Abbadon (link): Definition: Abaddon, Destroyer (i.e. Destroying Angel) or place of destruction (personified).

33 - Come. (link): Short Definition: come

We are getting deep now people...What kept sticking out to me though in this last word was the word "fierce". And then this happens:

"Fierce Hurricane Harvey slams Texas, expected to linger
Posted August 26, 2017 at 12:02 PM | Updated August 26, 2017 at 12:06 PM" (mlive article) - 

Look at the time this article was posted! Almost two hours after I received my word and the first word of the title is FIERCE! And last but not least, the icing on the cake:

"Fierce hurricane Harvey smashes homes, business across Texas Gulf Coast" (India Today article) - the sub-point says it's "the fiercest" hurricane to hit the US in more than a decade.

Are we paying attention as a nation? No, we aren't. We want to discount this as hurricane season and normal.  Both of those may be true but to recap:
  • It formed on Elul 1, which was the day Jonah went to Nineveh
  • It was three days from the eclipse. I showed many correlations already about the number three and how it attached to Hurricane Harvey
  • The descriptive words I was given happen to be used to describe media outlet articles
  • It has been the most costly natural disaster in US history. Think about that one for a moment. Devastation x 3. 
  • As the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man (Matthew 24:37). We should expect flooding. Lots of flooding.
I have been completely closed off to most of the world during these last three days while I write this to collect my thoughts and have no clue what's happening currently. It seems like each day, God is revealing more bits and pieces through these words and dreams that fit into an overall picture. I went back and looked through some dreams I had last year and they also coincide with flooding but I think I have made this blog long enough.

My intent to drastically detail every little thing is to show you how God works in our every day lives. If we listen and are in tune with the Holy Spirit, revelation like this flows. I wanted everyone to see screenshots with time stamps so nobody could say this was made up and nobody could deny the God of the Bible. There are no coincidences. There is God, His word, and the signs He is giving us. 


If you don't know Jesus personally, He offers us salvation through His willful sacrifice on the cross as a gift to all who are willing to receive it.  It's free and cost you nothing other than your genuine belief in Him, that He died for your sins, and repenting of them. I beg you to search your heart and hear Jesus calling for you.  If you are reading this blog and not a believer, you are reading this blog for a reason. Everything has a purpose with God as I mentioned in the first part of this series. May He bless with you wisdom to discern the things I have written about so that you may come to know the truth. 


PART 6 - Israel: God's Chosen Nation

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